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Retargeting helps you reach your most valuable lost prospects—people who show enough interest in your products to have browsed your website. Retargeting brings “window shoppers” back when they’re ready to buy by keeping your brand foremost in your customer’s mind. When visitors leave your site and browse the Internet, your ads will display on other websites they visit. Repeated exposure to your brand increases your credibility and the likelihood that a visitor will return to your site. 

Geo-Fencing refers to drawing a virtual barrier around a location using your devices global positioning system (GPS) or Internet Protocol (IP) address, basically a virtual address. Ads inside of geo-fenced areas can be seen on computer, tablet, or mobile devices as potential customers are using an app or browsing the web. Technically, geo-fencing can be any size radius from a particular location, anywhere from a mile to state-wide. However, most people referring to geo-fencing are looking for a very tight radius around a location. What geo-fencing does is show ads to the person inside the geo-fenced radius if they are using an app or browsing the web, to alert them of a local deal or the distance you are from a particular store location.

Geo-Targeting refers to delivering ads to people with a specific targeting criteria and who enter inside of a defined radius using the same geo-fencing location technology. The key difference is geo-targeting hones in on specific consumer targeting criteria like demographics, behaviors, interests, as well as where the person is located. You often need larger geos to do this as you are not showing ads to EVERYONE inside the geo-fence. They must also meet the targeting criteria.

Social Media Advertising delivers advertising to a specific audience defined within the users social media profiles (Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Twitter). City, state or nationally defined audiences along with micro-targeted audiences can be defined and delivered via social apps and desktop social browsing.

If your company is looking for a target audience to drive traffic to a website or physical location, AMA has solutions for you.

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