geolocation-mapThe idea of geo location and why it’s important to include this as a marketing strategy.

In short:

  1. Location = intent.
    The places we visit in the real-world (offline world) help shape our consumer profiles more accurately than online behavior.
  2. Search, Social, Display = online strategies
    It’s a great place to start to reach consumers online via social and search marketing; however, it isn’t going to be the truest representation of who they are as a consumer.
  3. Offline tells the story of what we like, our interest and our behaviors.
    Reaching consumers in real-time through mobile digital ads is how brands are able to stay top-of-mind, create engagement and ultimately drive in-store visitation.

If your company wants to reach consumers real-time, mobile digital ads is how brands are able to stay top-of-mind. Are you ready for the next leap? Let’s discuss your digital targeting strategy. 

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