Carol Whitney

Project Description

Carol A. Whitney commissioned AMA to reproduce her artwork in limited edition. “Holding Her Hand” is a series of paintings that grew out of a need to reconcile death and celebrate life. From limited edition canvas prints, came a book to accompany her exhibits which categories each piece and tells its story. A website was developed to showcase this series and future series of paintings and books. Save & Exit

Project Details

Client Carol Whitney
Skills Web Design, Printmaking, Books

Project Feature

Web development and design features a CMS WordPress framework. Responsive to mobile and tablets. Features a fun UX module on the front page along with information on a continuing artist body of work.

Print & Book Publishing

 “Holding Her Hand” is a tabletop book of limited edition canvas paintings. A visual journey by the artist in coping with the loss of a loved one. Limited edition museum quality reproduction prints (giclees) are also created to accompany the book during a series of exhibits throughout the country.

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