You want your brick and mortar business to succeed. 

An effective social media pro brings both hard skills such as data analysis and soft skills aka organization to the table, both types which take time and effort to develop.

1. Communication. Social media is a platform for communication. It’s important to have strong communication skills that can flex to fit any moment, any media, any character count or any audience.

2. Writing. The best social media managers are excellent digital conversationalists who not only embody, but enhance, their brand’s voice on social and sparks emotion from the audience.

3. Creativity. Differentiation is the biggest challenges for brands in the saturated social media space. Is the content created valuable, exciting, and buzz-worthy? It takes creativity to come up with ideas that make your brand stand out with text and imagery to get audience engagement.

4. Organization & Efficiency. Time management, efficiency and organization are necessary social media skills. Using a social media calendar keeps content organized and scheduling for peak viewing time. A skilled social pro will implement tools, policies and processes for a brands social presence; keeping the compass arrow on target.

5. Traditional & Digital Marketing. Social sits at the intersection of marketing, customer experience and sales and is the source of so much valuable business intelligence.

6. Customer Care. It’s equally important to be able to read a DM and identify the “why” behind a customer expressing upset 🙁 or delight. 🙂

7. Making Connections. Staying engaged and responding timely is a core aspect of social media. This means that establishing and building digital relationships is imperative to any social media manager’s approach.

8. Flex-agility. The ability to quickly pivot and react to a new trend, opportunity or crisis is an indispensable social media skill. In the everyday, being flexible and agile helps respond to a customer in an equally empathetic and personalized way during any situation.

9. Data analysis. Turning data and turning it into action more regularly than once a month.

Do you have the right stuff?
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Are any of the criteria above not applying to you and your business?

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